Articles on technology projects and initiatives that impact the campus.

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Document Management (Printing and Scanning) Initiative

The Office of Information Technology recognizes that having the ability to store, search and produce data is one of the key components to any information system.  In an effort to increase the overall availability of printing, reduce the cost of that printing, increase the ability to scan/input documents, store those documents and access those in a meaningful way we have embarked on a multi-year document management project.

Docuware Implementation Project

The Office of Information Technology will be migrating the campus from Alchemy to a newer, supported platform that is compatible with our Ricoh multifunction devices and works with Jenzabar

Migration to Voice-Over-IP

The Office of Information Technology is converting the campus from the older digital handsets to newer, more-capable Voice-Over-IP telephone handsets.  This process is planned over a 3-4 year time period and will be rolled out one department at a time. Timeline still in progress.

Windows 10 Campus Upgrade

The Office of Information Technology recognizes that in order to keep our computing infrastructure safe, secure and operating efficiently, the computers on the network must be regularly updated and maintain a certain level of modern operating system.  To that end, the Office of Information Technology has embarked on a four-year plan, beginning in July of 2017, to upgrade the entire campus computing platform to the standard of Microsoft Windows 10.