Technology in One Minute Episodes

The Office of Information Technology is happy to present our new series: Technology in One Minute

In this series, we will periodically release new episodes that spotlight different technologies that we use here at Cedar Crest.  We will take one minute to either show you the technology, explain how to do something specific within that technology, or maybe just show you something new you might now know about!  When new episodes are available, the campus will receive an email notification -- but they will also be put here, on this page, for easy access to every episode that we produce!  

Note: you will need to log in to Microsoft Stream to watch these videos.

We are looking for suggestions for new episodes!  Click here to suggest a technology topic -- to be covered in one minute!

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Date Episode # Title Link to Episode
1/1/2022 1-1 How to Get Help! Click here to watch!
1/5/2022 1-2 How to Sync Class Teams Click here to watch!
1/6/2022 1-3 How to Access OneDrive Click here to watch!
1/8/2022 1-4 How to Use OneDrive with Teams Files Click here to watch!
1/17/2022 1-5 How to Pre-fill Teams Breakout Rooms Click here to watch!
1/23/2022 1-6 How to Connect Your TV to FalconStream Click here to watch!
1/28/2022 1-7 How to Change Your Password Click here to watch!
02/15/2022 1-8 How to Manage Canvas Notifications Click here to watch!
02/25/2022 1-9 How to Set a Teams Meeting Click here to watch!
03/07/2022 1-10 How to Configure a Teams Webinar Click here to watch!
03/23/2022 1-11 How to Configure Rules in Outlook Click here to watch!
07/01/2022 2-01 Logging into FalconLink Click here to watch!
08/02/2022 2-02 How to use FalconLink MyFiles Click here to watch!
08/10/2022 2-03 How to Use FalconLink Applications Click here to watch!
09/21/2022 2-04 Using Decisions in Microsoft Teams Click here to watch!
10/04/2022 2-05 Anatomy of a Phishing Email Click here to watch!
Coming!   How to use HeyTaco! in Teams  
Coming!   How to Manage Tasks w/Teams, To Do, Tasks  


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