Organizing Apps in Folders in Falconlink


FalconLink is the universal application launch pad for Cedar Crest College's many applications.  Within FalconLink you will have the ability to change your FalconNet password, access your Cedar Crest Online (Canvas) courses, connect with Microsoft Office applications after signing in with your FalconNet account, MyCedarCrest, and much more.  Additionally, these services will all be linked via your login credentials to allow for either single sign on, or saved sign on capabilities.

Too many applications on your dashboard?  Add some folders!


  1. From the FalconLink Launchpad, click on the Pencil symbol at the top, then click Add Folder.

  2. Give your folder the name you would like it to have, and you can even choose custom color!  Then click Create.

  3. Once you have the folder, it will appear at the bottom of your applications.  You can drag-and-drop it to any location you would like.
  4. There are two ways to add applications to the folder.  First, you can drag-and-drop applications into the folder as pictured below.  Note: the app icon will go from big to small (as pictured) when it is ready to drop.

  5. The second method is to right click on the application you would like to add to a (any) folder, then click Add to Folder and select the appropriate folder.

  6. To remove an app from a folder, right click on the app, then click Remove and it will be placed back on your main dashboard page.


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