AxisTV Visix Cloud: How to Add Slides to a Playlist

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Cedar Crest College is migrating from Visix AxisTV 6 to Visix AxisTV 9 in the cloud.  Here are instructions regarding how to add, remove, and schedule slides to a playlist in the new platform.  This can be done from anywhere.


  1. Navigate to and log in with your FalconNet username and password.  If this is your first time logging in to FalconLink, click here for help.
  2. Locate and click on AxisTV Cloud Management.  The first time you click, FalconLink will ask for your AxisTV username and password, input the information and save.  This was previously emailed to you.

  3. I‚ÄčThe first time you access AxisTV via FalconLink, it will ask to store your login information.  Fill this in here.  You will be asked to change your password once in the system, once you do that, you will need to edit your stored password.  Click here for instructions on how to edit a stored password in FalconLInk (you only need to do this once).

  4. Once logged in, select the Playlist you want to upload to, then what type of content you would like to add under Type.  For images (JPG, GIF, etc), select Media File.  Then click Schedule.

  5. Click Choose File, find the file, and upload it to the system.

  6. Verify the file details, and click Import.

  7. Once the import is finished, you will be shown a summary page.  You can set the transition, play time, and give this a description here.  In order to complete scheduling the slide, you have to choose to add it to the beginning, middle, or end of the current slideshow, and whether it should always be shown, or if it is recurring over time.  If you chose recurring, you will then be able to select a schedule.

  8. Once the schedule is set, and the Add to is selected, click Finish.

  9. Click to select the playlist. 

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