Connecting to the FalconApps Streaming Applications Server for Windows


The FalconApps server is an application delivery server that allows you to access software applications that are owned by the college and housed on campus - from anywhere and on both Windows and Apple computers.  We recommend that your computer (Windows or MacOS) be fully updated to the latest version of the operating system and fully patched.  We also recommend that you use Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge as your web browser.

Once you complete these instructions, you will be able to run SPSS as if it were installed on your computer.

Running SPSS through the FalconApps Environment

  1. Click on the Windows icon in the lower left (or middle) of the task bar.
  2. In the search field, type RemoteApp and Desktop Connections. Double-click from the results list to open.

  3. In the left column, choose Access RemoteApp and desktops.
  4. For connection URL, enter  Click Next.

  5. Click Next again for Ready to set up the connection.

  6. Enter your FalconNet login and password. If the Domain listed is blank, use the prefix cedarcrest\ for your username, as shown below.
  7. If you prefer, click Remember my credentials. Click OK. 

  8. This process can take several minutes.  Once everything completes, click Finish.

  9. To launch SPSS, click Windows Flag, then find IBM SPSS Statistics (Cedar Crest SPSS) in your menu.

  10. The first time you launch SPSS, you will be asked if you trust the publisher of the app.  You must click the check bock Don't ask me again...  and then click Connect.

  11. You should now be shown the SPSS Welcome screen.


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