Security Awareness Training


Cedar Crest College recognizes the importance of diligence when it comes to the security of individual accounts and data.  The landscape of internet, data, and technology-related security is ever-changing.  To help the campus community stay current on best practices when it comes to securing their accounts, data, computers, and other technology devices, this policy defines our security training efforts.

Policy Statement


The responsibility for maintaining individual accounts falls to the individual.  The responsibility for keeping individuals aware of how to secure accounts and data falls to the Office of Information Technology.  Additionally, the Office of Information Technology is responsible for providing a secure and reliable technology defense posture.

The following guidelines will be followed:

  • The Office of Information Technology shall provide technology security related trainings on an annual basis.
  • There will be a minimum of four security-based trainings annually.
  • Training will be offered in the month of October to raise awareness during CyberSecurity Awareness Month, plays one other session in the spring semester.
  • Security trainings will discuss the following topics (at a minimum): authentication, SPAM/Phishing, social media best practices, basic internet safety, data security as it relates to applicable regulations.
  • All security-related training events will be communicated to the campus community no less than one month prior to the event, and via more than one mechanism (email, digital signage, etc).
  • Technology-related training calendar is located at this link: Tech Talks Training.


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