Using CoPilot to Summarize OneDrive Files

Using CoPilot to Summarize OneDrive Files

Copilot in Windows is an AI-powered assistant that helps you get answers and inspirations from across the web, supports creativity and collaboration, and helps you focus on the task at hand.  Microsoft CoPilot is included with Windows 11 and is activated on the Laptops for Learners' laptops and the most recent faculty and staff laptop rollout.  CoPilot is also accessible via mobile app on your mobile device via your app store.  This article assumes you have CoPilot installed and activated from Microsoft.  If you do not have it on your taskbar, click here.

However, this feature may not be active at the time that Laptops for Learners launches.  Microsoft has slated this to be available in the Summer of 2024.  

Using OneDrive to Summarize OneDrive Files

  • Each time you share a file via Microsoft OneDrive, an option will appear to the right to Summarize the file.
  • When you or the recipient of the file clicks this link, a summary of that file will be displayed.
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Sat 5/4/24 2:14 PM