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This document outlines the process by which a student would log in to the ALEKS Placement Assessment, and the process to pair the individuals FalconNet account with their ALEKS account. Please read these instructions fully before logging in for the first time.


  1. Click HERE to go to the main informational page on My CedarCrest. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the ALEKS Assessment link. It is within the last question of the FAQ section.
  2. If you have already reviewed the FAQ information on My CedarCrest, you can go directly to the login page by clicking on or by copying/pasting this URL:
  3. You will be taken to the Cedar Crest College ALEKS login page. Enter your FalconNet username and password that was sent to you by the College and click Login. For more information about your FalconNet account, visit What is Your FalconNet Account?

  4. The next screen confirms that you understand that information is being passed from Cedar Crest College to the ALEKS (third party) system. You must click on Accept to take verify your understanding and proceed to the assessment. Note: At this point, you have left Cedar Crest College’s internal systems.

  5. After you have authorized the sharing of information between Cedar Crest College and ALEKS, the next step is to associate your FalconNet account at Cedar Crest College with your ALEKS account. If this is your first time in ALEKS with Cedar Crest College, click No, I am New to ALEKS.​​​​​​​

  6. In order to use the ALEKS Placement Assessment system, you will have to agree to ALEKS terms of use, You should click the link to read the terms of use. After doing so, click the check box that indicates I agree to the Terms of Use.​​​​​​​

  7. You have now successfully paired your FalconNet account with ALEKS and should see this confirmation screen. Click Continue to enter ALEKS.​​​​​​​

  8. Next, you will be placed at the ALEKS Home Screen. From here, you will click on Sign up for a new class.​​​​​​​

  9. The next step is to enter the class code that you were provided by the Office of Admissions. Once you have entered that code, please make sure to fill out the Student Information completely (including your Cedar Crest Student ID number) to complete your registration for the ALEKS Placement Assessment.​​​​​​​


Getting Help

Most of your questions regarding signing in to and accessing your Cedar Crest College ALEKS Mathematics Assessment should be answered on the main page in My CedarCrest. 

However, if you encounter issues logging in to ALEKS for the first time, or accessing the specific assessment, please contact the Office of Information Technology Help Desk at or 610-606-4635.

For questions on using ALEKS, please visit their support websites:

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