Shifts - Adding Availability Mobile Directions


The Availability feature in Shifts allows students or employees the ability to enter their general availability during the week, so that other team members can see when they are available for work or meetings. 

Exceptions should be handled by using the Requesting Time Off feature. 


  1. Tap on the Shifts tile in the Teams app.
  2. Tap the + icon. 

  3. Tap Set Availability.

  4. Here you will see the list of days. By default, availability is set to All day for each day of the week. Tap on a day to edit availability.

  5. For each day, you have the following options:
  6. If you are not available at all, tap the toggle button next to Available.
  7. If you are available for the entire day, make sure that the toggle button is ON for All Day.
  8. If you are available during certain hours, make sure that Available is ON, and All Day is Off.  Then choose your Start and End times. You can tap to add another time to add more time segments if necessary. ​​​​​​​
  9. When finished adding your availability for the day, tap Apply. This will take you back to the Availability screen to edit other days as needed.

NOTE: You can go back and update your availability whenever necessary. As a rule, this feature should be used to show when you are GENERALLY available for shifts or meetings. If there is a specific day or time for only a few days during the semester, we recommend using the Time Off feature instead. Your department will let you know the appropriate codes to use for requesting time off. 


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