Microsoft Teams: Sharing Content (Desktop, Presentation, Browser) in a Teams Meeting


Microsoft Teams is an easy way to pull together a group to share, collaborate and communicate in one central location without the use of phone calls that take time away from our day or emails that can easily get buried.  From directly within Teams we can bring everyone together to share information, securely edit files live and at the same time, bring together Microsoft Office 365 apps (OneDrive, OneNote, Planner, Forms, etc) and third-party apps and websites in one place, tag members of the team in conversations or actions and customize the work through adding notes (OneNote and others) and other applications.  

Here is a quick overview of how to share the content you wish to share with others in a Teams meeting.

For a more in-depth walk-through with Microsoft Teams, view the Tech Talk video training.

Sharing in Teams

Here is how you share your content with those in yoru meeting in Microsoft Teams:

  1. If you need to share sound from Teams with in-person students, you will need to enable to correct sound setting in Teams. Click here for instructions.
  2. When you are in a meeting, look for the up arrow icon in the menu bar.  This may be located in the middle of your screen when you move your mouse, or in the top right corner.  
  3. Once you've located it, click that icon - it will open the Sharing Drawer from the bottom of the screen.

  4. Select the item you wish to share.  For your entire desktop (all applications), choose Desktop.  If you wish to only share a specific application, or window, select that application under Window.  Note: click the Include computer sound to play sound over Teams from videos. 
  5. If you are presenting a PowerPoint, it is recommended that you click Browse, then upload the PowerPoint.  You can then present your PowerPoint.
  6. You can also select Whiteboard to use the Teams version of Whiteboard.  If you would like the full featured (fully shareable) version of Whiteboard, click here to download (Windows only).  You can then present it in your meeting as a Window, or as part of your Desktop.  Not as Whiteboard.
  7. If you wish to present something that includes audio that comes from your computer, make sure to select the "Include computer sound" button.  You can then play music, YouTube videos, and anything else in your meeting for others to hear.
  8. When you are done presenting, you click on the X to stop sharing. 


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