Teams Live Events: Using Guest Presenters in Teams Live Events


Microsoft Teams Live Events is a great way to present to a large audience when you do not want direct interaction with the attendees.  Teams Live Events are great for presenting to those both internally, and externally -- and have internal and external (guest) presenters get their message across.  The method for allowing those outside of our organization to present is not as simple as inviting them to the Live Event.  Here are the steps.

Inviting Guest (Outside) Presenters to a Teams Live Event

  1. First, the guest must be a member of a Cedar Crest College Team.  It does not matter what Team, but they must be a member.  Start by either creating a Team and adding them, or simply adding them to an existing Team.
  2. When you add someone to a Team, they will receive an email notification.  They must click on the link to accept the invitation to the Team.  It can be helpful for you to send the individual(s) a message to let them know about the email, and the steps they need to follow.
  3. Every presenter or producer must download and install the Teams client for Windows or MacOS to present in the live event.  There are no other options, and iPad, tablets, or smartphones cannot be used to present.
  4. Once they have accepted the invitation and joined the Team, you can now invite them as a presenter in your Teams Live Event, and they will be able to join as a presenter.  If they have not completed these steps, it will automatically make them an attendee - and this can't be remedied at the time of the event.  This should be done at least 24 hours in advance.
  5. Remember: All presenters and producers must be using Teams on a computer, not a mobile device.


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