Microsoft Teams: Accessing Meeting Recordings from OneDrive


Microsoft Teams is an easy way to pull together a group to share, collaborate and communicate in one central location without the use of phone calls that take time away from our day or emails that can easily get buried.  From directly within Teams we can bring everyone together to share information, securely edit files live and at the same time, bring together Microsoft Office 365 apps (OneDrive, OneNote, Planner, Forms, etc) and third-party apps and websites in one place, tag members of the team in conversations or actions and customize the work through adding notes (OneNote and others) and other applications.  

Here is how you access recordings of Teams Meetings in OneDrive.

For a more in-depth walk-through with Microsoft Teams, view the Tech Talk video training.

How to Access Teams Meeting Recordings

  1. After your meeting is completed, click on the meeting instance from your calendar, then click on Chat.

  2. You will see two messages, one that says it is Saving the recording to OneDrive, and then a few minutes later, an entry for the actual meeting recording.

  3. Click on the action menu, the three dots.  You will be given a few options.  The two we are most interested in is Open in OneDrive and Get Link.

  4. Get Link functions in a similar manner to other generated links within Teams and OneDrive.  It will give you a link you can copy and paste elsewhere for others to use.  By default, those who were invited to the original meeting have access to the link.  This link can be inserted into Canvas or an email.

  5. The Open in OneDrive option will open the meeting video in OneDrive via a web browser, easily allowing anyone in the meeting or Team to view the meeting recording.  The permissions can be edited within OneDrive itself if you wish to share this with others outside the Team, Class, or Cedar Crest.
  6. If you wish to upload this video to Microsoft Stream (for captioning, transcripts, and other features), you should click on Open in OneDrive, then click Download.

  7. You will be prompted based on the web browser you are using as to where to save the resulting MP4 file.  Save the file, note the location.
  8. Next, open Microsoft Stream (click here to go to Stream).
  9. Click on the +Create link at the top, and select Upload video.

  10. Either drag and drop the video file or click Browse to find and upload the video file.

  11. The video will now upload, and process.

  12. By default, everyone has access to view the video.  If you wish to set specific permissions, you can click Permissions to do so.  You may need to add individuals or create groups if you wish to limit access to the recording.
  13. You can access a link to share with others by clicking Share then copying and pasting the link.
  14. Click Publish.


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