Connecting to the FalconApps Streaming Applications Server for MacOS


The FalconApps server is an application delivery server that allows you to access software applications that are owned by the college and housed on campus - from anywhere and on both Windows and Apple computers.  We recommend that your computer (Windows or MacOS) be fully updated to the latest version of the operating system and fully patched.  We also recommend that you use Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge as your web browser.

Beginning in June 2023, Cedar Crest will begin migrating to a new system for the delivery of remote applications.  This set of instructions is valid for testing the new system and running SPSS from the new environment.

Once you complete these instructions, you will be able to run SPSS as if it were installed on your computer (for the most part).

Running SPSS through the FalconAppsEnvironment for MacOS

  1. First, open the Apple App Store.  Search for and download Microsoft Remote Desktop.  Once installed, open Microsoft Remote Desktop and continue through these instructions.
  2. Once Remote Desktop is open, click on Connections and then Add Workspace.

  3. In the Add Workspace dialing, input and click Add.
  4. Next, input your FalconNet username and password.  Please be sure to put cedarcrest\ in front of it as in the example below, and click Continue.

  5. You will now see SPSS listed under Cedar Crest SPSS.

  6. To use your local storage, you will need to click Settings -> Select Change Folder and select the folder you want to use.


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