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Individuals with Apple computers running MacOS later than 10.12 might encounter issues sharing their screen if they missed a key question when installing Teams, or if that question was not asked by the system for one reason or another (we have seen both behaviors).  To fix this issue with Teams (and any other application that shares your screen to someone else), you need to enable screen recording for Teams (or the application in question). Here is how you do that.
For troubleshooting MacOS FalconPrint issues.
Directions for reset printing system in MacOS to troubleshoot FalconPrint Issues.
The Office of Information Technology has licensed a product called CrashPlan from Code42 to assist in backing up and restoring files during the lease replacement process.  Here are instructions on how to restore your files from your old computer to your new one.
Directions for connecting to network folders on a Mac.
Directions on connecting to your office computer remotely using Remote Desktop. *Requires installation and log on to GlobalProtect VPN.
The GlobalProtect VPN allows the Cedar Crest community to access our local network for a variety of different reasons. One of those reasons is to access files that exist on our local server file shares, but the VPN does not map the familiar F:, H; and L: drives automatically. Here are instructions on how to have a custom script written for you to access these network shares and how to use the script to connect to your network shares on your Mac.
This is a generic set of instructions on installing a printer that is configured on our print server for your use on your Apple Mac OS-based computer.
Tips for connection issues on MAC OS devices to the FalconNet wireless system.
Campus community directions for accessing the FalconNet Wireless system from a MacOS device.