Using Remote Desktop to Connect to your Office Computer (MAC OS)

After connecting to the VPN from home, you may want to remotely connect to the computer on your desk. This is how you would do that in Macintosh OS X.


  1. Open Finder and Applications and launch the App Store. Once in the App Store, search for “Microsoft Remote Desktop” and follow the on-screen instructions for downloading and installing it. After installation is complete, launch the application from the Applications area of Finder.
    Note: While there are a number of Macintosh compatible applications that are capable of Remote Desktop, the Office of Information Technology only supports Microsoft’s Remote Desktop application.
  2. Once launched, you will need to create a new “Remote Desktop” entry, click the + to add one.
    1. In Connection name, give it anything that you like – it is a friendly name.
    2. For PC name, input your computer name. Your computer name is your Service Tag (found on the top or side of your computer) plus cedercrest.local such as fx2p17.cedarcrest.local.
    3. For Credentials: User Name: cedarcrest\<username> (ie, jasmith) Password: your network password. Once that is in, you can click the red X to close and save.
  3. Double click on the saved connection, and it should log you in and display your desktop.

Note: You may be asked if you trust the remote connection. Click Connect again to proceed.



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