Wired Network Upgrade Project


Beginning in July of 2022, the Office of Information Technology will begin the process of replacing all of the existing Extreme wired networking equipment in each building on campus with modern Aruba networking switches and routers.  This process will bring the college network up-to-date with the latest routing, power-over-ethernet, network security, and traffic management technologies.   

Status of the Project

This post will be constantly updated throughout the year with the tentatively scheduled events regarding the wired network upgrade initiative.  
Check back from time to time to see the most current schedule, activities, and status.

Updated: 10/15/2023

Name ​Status ​Notes
​Allen House Complete ​2022-2023
​Alumnae Hall ​Not yet started  
​Blaney Hall Not yet started  
​Butz Hall ​Not yet started
Cressman Library​ Not yet started  
​Curtis Hall Complete 2023-2024
Data Center/Maintenance Partially Completed 2022-2023 (Firewall, core router complete - switches still outstanding)
​FalconPlex Not yet started  
​HBB Not yet started
​Lees Hall Complete 2022-2023
​Miller Building ​Not yet started  
Moore Hall Not yet started  
The Narrows Complete 2023-2024
​​Oberkotter Complete 2022-2023
​Plant (Facilities/PS) ​Not yet started  
​Rodale Aquatic Center      Complete  2022-2023 
Security/Facilities/Mailroom Not yet started  
Steinbright Hall Not yet started  
​Science Center Not yet started  
​TCC Not yet started  



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