Utilizing the Emergency Hotline Phone(s)

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The College has an Emergency Hotline configured in our phone system.  This hotline consists of the following:

  • An external, direct-inward-dial number: 610-606-4682
  • 3 internal extensions that his number rings to: 4951, 4952, 4953
  • The hotline can be utilized with 1, 2, or all 3 phones plugged in.
  • If no phones are connected, the active message is played and then disconnects the caller.
  • If 1 phone is plugged in, that will get all calls.  When a 2nd and 3rd and plugged in, calls will route appropriately.
  • If someone calls when all lines are busy, they will be put on hold (and hear music) until someone becomes available.  They do not hear the active message.
  • There is no voicemail for the hotline.
  • Any existing Voice-Over-IP (Mitel/Astra 6768/6739 phones) can be used for the hotline.
  • The hotline phones can be anywhere on campus that has an active network connection and do not need to be in the same room.

Log in to the Hotline

  • On your existing phone, press the Log Off soft key
  • Next, press the Log in soft key
  • Input the extension number assigned to you (4951, 4952, or 4953)
  • There is no password for the extensions.
  • Please be careful logging in.  Only one phone can be logged into an extension at any time.  If you accidentally input the wrong extension, you will disconnect someone else who may be somewhere else on campus helping with the hotline.
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