Using Remote Desktop to Connect to your Office Computer (Windows OS)

After connecting to the VPN from home, you may want to remotely connect to the computer on your desk. This is how you would do that in Windows 7, 8 or 10.

  1. Go to Start-->Programs-->Accessories-->Remote Desktop Connection.
    • Windows 8 Users, Swipe in from the right or mouse to the right side of your screen to pull up the Search feature and search Remote Desktop.
    • Windows 10 Users, click the Windows flag and start typing “Remote Desktop” and the icon will appear.
  2. Click the Remote Desktop icon to launch Remote Desktop. If you would like to put this on your taskbar or desktop, right click on the icon and select “Pin to…” and the appropriate one.
  3. Once launched, you will need to input your computer name, plus append it with cedarcrest.local. Your computer name is usually your Service Tag (found on the top or side of your computer, sometimes it is that number with a D in front of it - try both if you can't connect) plus cedercrest.local as in this example: rxd313.cedarcrest.local
    To verify, you can check your office computer's name by following the directions HERE.
  4. Note: You may be asked if you trust the remote connection. Click Connect again to proceed.
  5. A new window will open that will require you to log in to your computer.
    • To login, use the following:
      1. User Name: cedarcrest\<username> (ie, jasmith)
      2. Password: your network password.
  6. Click OK and it will then log you in to your computer.

Note: You may also need to enable Remote Desktop on your office computer first.  Follow these instructions to do so for Windows 10: 


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