Task Timeline for Computer Lease Replacement

In the Weeks Before your Upgrade:

In the weeks preceding your upgrade, we ask employees to complete the following tasks:

  1. Complete the online Computer Replacement Checklist (must login using your College email address and FalconNet password to access form). 
  2. Delete files you no longer need from your local computer. This will help reduce the space required for you to back up your local files on our network server.
  3. Remove any personal files, such as photos or music, from your computer.  Save them to a flash drive or to your OneDrive account. Network drives should be used for work files only!
  4. Save a copy of all local files to a network drive, preferably your personal H:/ Drive folder. Information Technology will create a folder within your H drive called Lease Backup. All local files should be saved there. Specific directions are provided below on what files and folders should be saved.
  5. After you have completed your initial back up of local files, you should continue to work from your network drive and NOT from your local computer (C:/ Drive) until your computer is replaced. 
  6. Clear your computer of any personal items such as post-it notes, stickers, or decorations so that the technician is able to easily access your computer.
  7. Remove any clutter away from the computer monitor and tower. This will help avoid any damage or disarray that could occur while they are removing the old computer and installing your new one.

The Day Before your Upgrade

  • Check again to make sure that all of your local files have been copied to your network drive.
  • You do not need to delete anything from your local computer. Once Information Technology takes your old computer, all data will be erased from the hard drive before it is packaged for shipping. 
  • If you have the installation CDs or download links for any specialty software that you listed on your Replacement Checklist, please have this together and ready for IT when they arrive.

The Day of your Upgrade

  • Information Technology will bring your new computer to your office. This set up can take approximately 45 minutes to one hour. 
  • He or she will then complete the setup. Any software, printers and scanners listed on your Replacement Checklist will either be pre-installed, or installed at your desk during setup. The IT technician will NOT install any software or printers that are not listed on your Replacement Checklist. Any additional requests will need to be scheduled with the Helpdesk for a later date.
  • Once IT has finished, it is your responsibility to copy the local data you backed up from your old computer and place it on your new computer.  To preserve network storage space, the Lease Backup folder on your personal network drive will be deleted 30 days after the start of the fall semester.  


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