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Support and information on computers, printing, and mobile devices.

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Adding a Printer Code for Ricoh Photocopier on Computer

Directions for adding your department's print code for the office Ricoh. NOTE: not all departments use this feature.

Backup Procedures for Local Files

Information regarding backup procedures for files.

Finding Your Ricoh IP Address / Printing the Configuration Page

directions for printing the configuration page for printer setting info.

How to Use a USB Flash Drive

A helpful guide to using USB flash drives.

Installing a Printer in Windows 10

Installing a new printer on your Windows 10 computer.

New Laptop Login and Taking Off Campus Information

In the past, laptops have sometimes come with pre-configured local accounts to use while off-campus.  With the new Windows 10 laptops, this is no longer the case and a few steps must be taken to ensure that these laptops will work for everyone reliably.

Purchasing/Recycling Printer Supplies

Information on how to purchase and recycle printer supplies for College printers.

Remote Desktop Support using TeamViewer

Cedar Crest College's Office of Information Technology has the ability to support the campus community whether you are on-campus, or somewhere else.  The only thing you need is your computer and a reliable internet connection to that computer.  To do this the Office of Information Technology uses TeamViewer, a remote support application.  To have a technician connect to your computer and help, you will need to download TeamViewer to your computer and follow these instructions:

Ricoh Printer/Photocopier Support

Information for contacting support on Ricoh photocopiers.

Setting Your Default Printer in Windows

Quick directions on choosing your default printer.

Support for Personal Devices - Students

Information regarding support for students' personal-owned devices.

Task Timeline for Computer Lease Replacement

Timeline of employee's responsibilities and and overview of what to expect when your computer is scheduled for replacement/upgrade.