Help with the FalconPrint system.

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Pinned Article Accessing Print Jobs from a FalconNet Release Station

Directions for using the Ricoh multi-function devices and release stations.

Pinned Article FalconNet: Find-Me and Mobility Printing Overview

Links to PaperCut website and list of recommended articles for getting started in the system.

FalconNet (PaperCut) Mobility Print

Directions on installing Mobility Print on your personal device.

MacOS - Deleting Password and Re-Adding FalconPrint

For troubleshooting MacOS FalconPrint issues.

MacOS - Reset Printing System to resolve FalconPrint Issues

Directions for reset printing system in MacOS to troubleshoot FalconPrint Issues.

PaperCut Website Certificate Warnings

Directions for security/certificate errors when trying to access the FalconPrint/PaperCut website.

Print Quota Overview for Students

Commonly asked questions about the student print quota and PaperCut.

Print Quota-Saving Tips

Tips on saving quota funds to make it last the entire academic year.

Requesting a Print Refund

List of acceptable reasons for refund, and directions on how to request one.

Transfer Quota Funds to Another Student

Directions on how to transfer funds from your account to a fellow student's account.

Webprint Directions for FalconPrint

directions for using the legacy Web Print feature.

Where are the FalconPrint devices?

FalconPrint is the new system that manages printing, copying and scanning across campus.  This document will help you locate a FalconPrint device to scan, copy or print your documents.