Transferring FalconFunds Money to PaperCut Print Quota Account


Students can transfer money from their FalconFunds account to their print quota account. 


Print Quotas are reset the week before the fall semester starts in August. Any remaining print quota balances, including those purchased with print cards or transferred from FalconFunds will be lost. Please transfer only what is necessary. 

You must have funds available within your FalconFunds account. Please note that this is separate from any dining dollars or bookstore account. For directions on adding funds to your FalconFunds account, please visit our knowledge base article: Adding Funds to your FalconFunds Account


  1. Login to the PaperCut web client at https://ccc-papercut1:9192/user using your FalconNet credentials.
  2. In the left column, click on the Add Credit link.
  3. In the Add Credit window, drop down the box to choose the amount you wish to add. Click Add Value.

    NOTE: the current balance listed on this page is your current print quota balance, and NOT your FalconFunds balance. 
  4. Once the transaction is complete, a box will appear to show that you are successful. If you receive an error, please check your FalconFunds balance in My CedarCrest. 
  5. You can also check the status of your transaction by clicking on the Transaction History link in the left column. FalconFunds transfers show as Payment Gateway under Transaction Type. 



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