Print Quota Overview for Students

What is my print quota?

All students are given a printing allotment of $40 per academic year (August to August). This print quota can be used in any of the campus computer labs, and at several Web Print stations located across campus.

When does my print quota get renewed?

Your print quota is for one full academic year, which is August to August.

Can I share my print quota with someone else for a project?

While you cannot share your quota, you are able to transfer some of your quota from your account to another person's account.  To do this, simply log in to PaperCut, at https://ccc-papercut1:9192/user and then click on the transfer link in the left-hand navigation panel.  

How much can I print?

Every academic year students are allotted a quota for printing, equivalent to 500 black and white, single-sided printouts. Printing costs vary depending on the type of paper, ink, and duplexing options used.

What are the Different Printing Charges?

Color Grayscale Color Duplex Grayscale Duplex
$0.15 per sheet $0.06 per sheet $0.12 per sheet $0.04 per sheet

How can I tell how much I've printed?

When you login to a campus computer, a small window is displayed that shows the remaining quota available. To see your history of printing, click the link at the bottom of the window. Alternatively, you may visit the following web site from anywhere to view your print quota and history: https://ccc-papercut1:9192/user

What if I run out of quota?

It is assumed that no user will exceed the quota. However, should you consume the entire quota and require more, you can transfer money from your Falcon Funds account to your PaperCut print account. Directions are here: Transferring FalconFunds Money to PaperCut Print Quota Account.

I didn't use my quota, so how can I get the money?

The quota is not money, nor is it an allocation. In reality, the quota is a limit to prevent users from seriously abusing the system. The quota is a privilege for printing and requires users to exercise responsibility.  Quota balances are zeroed out the week before classes begin each fall.

What if my print job jams or is illegible?

Students who believe they have been incorrectly charged for printing or who have encountered a mechanical malfunction may request a credit to their printing account online at https://ccc-papercut1:9192/user (must be on-campus).

Acceptable reasons for a refund include:

  • Low toner
  • Paper jam
  • Damaged paper Lines in print
  • Quality of prints

Please Note: Refunds will not be given for print errors made by the person printing, such as pages or print options being set up incorrectly. Choose Print Preview to make sure that everything is correct before printing to avoid unwanted printouts.

Do student organizations get a separate print quota?  

Student organizations will use Printing Services for large printing jobs, but will receive a quota for everyday needs. Organizations wishing to increase their quota amount must request it through the Womens Leadership and Student Development Office.


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