Transfer Quota Funds to Another Student


Students have the ability to transfer funds to another student, whether it's to share the cost of a group project, or to donate some of their unused quota to a fellow printer.

NOTE: College employees and campus clubs are not permitted to transfer funds. For assistance, please contact the IT Helpdesk at


  1. Login to the PaperCut Portal, either by clicking the Details button on the PaperCut Client, or by visiting https://ccc-papercut1:9192/user.
  2. In the Print Accounting menu, choose Transfers.
  3. In the Transfers section, enter the Amount of funds that you would like to transfer. The form will show you the remaining funds in your account, so there is no risk of depleting your account completely.
  4. For Transfer to user, enter the person’s network Login Name. You cannot use their Full name.
  5. Enter a comment to describe the reason for the transfer, ie, “Reimbursement for a print job” or “donation of funds.”  Although this is not required, it will help Information Technology find this transaction if a dispute or discrepancy arises.
  6. Once this is entered, click Transfer. A notice will appear stating that the transfer is complete.

That’s it!!

NOTE: You can also verify that the transfer was successful by clicking on the Transaction History link in the Print Accounting menu.


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