Where are the FalconPrint devices?


FalconPrint is the new system that manages printing, copying and scanning across campus.  This document will help you locate a FalconPrint device to scan, copy or print your documents.


FalconPrint runs on color-capable Ricoh multifunction devices. There are (13) of these devices that are located in easily accessible areas across campus.  Below is a list and a map of the locations.

  • Blaney Hall Basement - (1) located in the middle of the hallway
  • Butz Residence Hall - (1) Entry lounge (available to building residents only)
  • Cressman Library - (2) located in the middle of the Student Success Center
  • Curtis Hall - (3) Outside Curtis 104, Near Business Lounge and in the Curtis Residence Hall Lab
  • Hamilton Boulevard Building - (2) Outside of HBB 5 and near HBB Alcove
  • Miller Building - (1) Outside Miller 33
  • Moore Residence Hall - (1) Main lobby lounge (available to building residents only)
  • Oberkotter Hall - (1) Oberkotter Lounge
  • Steinbright Residence Hall - (1) Residence hall foyer (available to building residents only)
  • Tomkins College Center - (1) Perch Lounge



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