Mobile Device Policy


The Office of Information Technology recognizes that today’s technology is mobile, and the need for access to information has no boundaries.  Because of this we have crafted a policy that enables Cedar Crest to be mobile and still meet the security needs of the College and its constituents.  

This policy will help ensure that every device purchased by the College has the service necessary, the security that is required, is tracked in case of loss or theft and able to be erased should it not be recoverable.  For the purposes of this policy a mobile device is defined as mobile phones, tablets and hybrid tablet/computer devices and is governed by this policy.

Policy Statement

  1. All devices purchased must be made in compliance with the Technology Purchasing Policy.
  2. All College owned devices, no matter what department purchased them, must be enrolled in the College’s Mobile Device Management platform with location services enabled, the MDM app installed and comply with all applicable MDM policies.
  3. All College owned devices that leave their home building or the College at any time and for any reason must have a passcode defined and used on the devices.  
  4. Any College owned mobile devices that stay in one room and are locked do not require a passcode.
  5. All mobile devices that are on the Cedar Crest College network must be connected to FalconNet with the FalconNet credentials of the individual or department that is the owner of the device.
  6. Deviations to this policy are only through the agreement of the Director of Information Technology. 
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Sun 8/26/18 8:46 AM