Extending or Duplicating Displays on Computers with Projectors or TVs Attached


We have a number of classrooms and conference rooms on campus that have a television or projector attached to a computer.  By default these are set to show the same thing on the projector or television that is on the computer, however this setting can easily be changed.  If you would like to change this setting or find that the display on the computer is not on the big screen, you can change it back quickly and easily.

Configuring Secondary Display in Windows

  1. Begin by right-clicking the mouse on the desktop and selecting Display Settings from the pop-up menu.

  2. This will bring you directly to the Display Settings menu in Windows as shown below.

  3. Scroll down on this page until you see the Multiple Displays settings

  4. Click on the Multiple displays drop-down, you will see your options which are:
    Duplicate on these displays: this will show the default desktop on all of the available displays
    Extend these displays: this gives you 2 separate desktops to work from, allowing you to drag things in between them and only show what you wish to your audience while having other things open
    Show only on 1: this will only display on display #1, and nothing on #2
    Show only on 2: this will only display on display #2 (projector or television) and nothing on #1

  5. Select the option you wish.  If you want to display the same thing on both, you want to select Duplicate these displays. 
  6. The change will take effect immediately, and then ask if you want to keep your change or revert.  Choose keep or revert, and you should be all set.


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