Mapping Drives in macOS

Unlike Windows, Mac computers do not automatically map drives to your network folders. You will need to connect to the manually the first time you login.


  1. Click on Finder.  
  2. At the top menu, choose Go-->Connect to Server.

In the Mac OS, you will not have a drive letter mapped. Instead, you will connect directly to the network folder.  The list below will help you learn which folder corresponds to the Windows mapped drive.

Let’s start with the H:/ drive:

  1. In the Server Address box,  type the following: smb://cccmain/users/%username%.  In place of %username%, you should enter your network username.
  2. Click on the + button.  This will add it to your Favorite Servers List, so that you can easily connect to it from now on.
  3. Next, add additional network drives that you wish to connect to.
  4. Once you click "Connect to server," it will ask you to login.  You must use your FalconNet email address and password.
Server Address Drive letter in Windows
smb://cccmain/users/%username% H:/ Drive
smb://cccmain/users T:/ Drive
smb://cccmain/dept_data L:/ Drive
smb://cccmain/admin F:/ Drive
  1. In the future, you simply need to open Finder, go to Go-->Connect to Server, choose the folder you want to view, and click Connect. Make sure that you click the + button after entering each server address, to save it in your Favorites List.
  2. Once you have entered all of the servers, choose the server you wish to view, and click Connect. This will open a new window to that folder, and will show you the folder files and directories.


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