How to Reset Your GlobalProtect VPN Password After a Password Reset


If you recently reset your FalconNet password it may be necessary to update your password in order to successfully access the VPN (Global Protect) application, as it remembers your previous credentials.


  1. In the system tray, double-click on the GlobalProtect icon. Alternately, you can Search for GlobalProtect.

  2. If your credentials are stored/saved, your username will be shown in the top right corner. If your username is not displayed then most likely your credentials have not been saved, you may disregard the rest of these instructions and proceed to log onto the GlobalProtect VPN. If your username is displayed as shown below please continue to the next step.

  3. To clear your credentials, simply click on the Sign Out button next to your username. You will be asked whether you to clear the saved credentials from GlobalProtect; please click on “OK” (Yes).

  4. You can now exit this window if it does not automatically close and log onto the GlobalProtect VPN application as usual. Please enter your new credentials when prompted.
  5. Fill in the following information, then click Connect.
  • Portal:
  • ​​​​​​​Username: Your FalconNet Login  (ie, jasmith, not
  • Password: Your FalconNet Password

New login screen sign in screen Connected Screen

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Fri 10/2/20 4:08 PM