Turn Off Outlook's Focused Inbox


If do not yet have it in your Microsoft Outlook inbox - you will.  Microsoft has turned on Focused Inbox for everyone in Office 365.  What is Focused Inbox?  Focused Inbox is a feature within Office 365 that replaces the Clutter folder.  It uses what it knows about you, how you read your email (or delete it) and puts the email it thinks might be important to you in your Focused Inbox, and everything else in Other.  If your Outlook looks like the image below, you have Focused Inbox.

If you like how Outlook separates your mail, great!  However, many of you might want to turn off Focused Inbox and return to the previous inbox that shows you all your mail in one place (minus the Junk Mail). 

Directions using Outlook 2013 and Outlook 2016 Client (previous versions do not support Focused Inbox).

  1. ​Select the View Tab
  2. Select Show Focused Inbox - this toggles the Focused Inbox on and off.

  3. Your inbox should no longer show the Focused Inbox and Other tabs.

Directions using Outlook Web App

  1. ​Select the Settings Icon (Gear), the Display Settings and then Focused Inbox.
  2. Under "When Email is Received" select "Don't Sort Messages.
  3. Your inbox should no long show the Focused Inbox and Other tabs.


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