Email, Calendaring, & Meetings

Information about Outlook, Outlook Web App, Calendaring.
Resources for using meeting & reservation services including YouCanBookMe, GoToMeeting, and AstraSchedule.

Categories (4)

Outlook Client for Employees

Information and troubleshooting tips for using the Outlook client for email.

Outlook on the Web App

Information and troubleshooting tips for using the Outlook Web App from a web browser or mobile device.

Conference Rooms

Information on how to use, troubleshoot and make the most out of our Conference Room technologies on campus.

Articles (5)

Office 365 Time Zone Settings

changing your time zone settings in Office365 to show correct appointment times.

Sharing Teams Meetings Recording with Students using Stream and Cedar Crest Online (Canvas)

Holding meetings online is a convenient way to connect with people, and Microsoft Teams helps us do this.  You can record and share these meetings in the case that you want others to see the live event later, or you want to pre-record a session or lecture to share with others asynchronously.  Here is how you do that.

Student Organization Email Guidelines

Guidelines campus clubs and organizations must follow when using their group's email account.

Upload or Change Your Office 365 Picture

Directions on adding a profile picture to your Office 365 account.