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In order to further secure your FalconNet account, Cedar Crest has begun enrolling accounts into FalconNet Multifactor Authentication for Office 365.  Multifactor authentication requires that you know your username, your password, and verify your login via another method. Here is how your configure and use your account with MFA.
It is important that we continue to meet with our students regularly, whether they are on-campus or remote.  We can create a virtual office with office hours through a few steps, and settins changes - and have a consistent link for students to use when they need to meet with you virtually. This article helps you create a Virtual Office in Teams for Virtual Office Hours.
Information on Office 365 and Office 2016 suite available to download for current students and employees.
From time to time, Office for Mac licenses become deactivated and begin showing the error: "View Only. Your account doesn't allow editing on a Mac. To learn more, contact your admin about your Office plan." It is necessary to reactivate Office on your Mac in order to continue normal use.
Information on using Office on a Google Chromebook.
Sharing files/folders with Microsoft OneDrive from a web browser.
Sharing files/folders with Microsoft OneDrive in Windows Explorer
Directions to set an out of office reply using the Outlook client.
How to set your out of office automatic reply using the Outlook Web App.
Links to Microsoft's Office Training Center. Free for students and employees.