Laptops for Learners FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions!

Laptops for Learners Frequently Asked Questions

Cedar Crest's Laptops for Learners program offers each student a gateway to digital learning.  Beginning in the fall of 2024, Cedar Crest students will have the ability to purchase an HP x360 laptop/tablet computer through the College.  These devices are supported directly by the college's IT Help Desk.  In this article, you will find links to our most frequently asked questions -- with answers -- regarding the Laptops for Learners program!


What is the Laptops for Learners Program?

Who is eligible to receive a device?

What is the Device Included with the Laptops for Learners Program?

How can I get a laptop if I am not one of the students automatically receiving a laptop?

I'm opting in! When do I need to order by?

What does a Laptops for Learners Device cost?

What is the cost per year?

How do I get my Laptops for Learners Device?

What apps are included?

My device needs support from the College's Technology Help Desk! How do I get support?

My device needs help, but I'm off-campus. What should I do?

What can I do with Microsoft CoPilot AI?

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