Adding an Outlook Mail Profile for a Shared Mailbox


For some employees, having a shared mailbox set up in a secondary profile affords more control over the inbox. Situations such as mail merges, out of office replies and rules are examples where this can be useful. 

Please note: Full Delegate Access to the mailbox is required for this application.


  1. Close the Outlook client.
  2. Windows 7: Click on the Windows button and go to Control Panel
    Windows 10: go to the Windows menu and click All apps. Choose “Windows System” from the applications list and then choose “Control Panel”
  3. Click “Category: next to “View by:” and choose “Small icons”
  4. Select Mail or Mail (32-bit)
  5. Click on Show Profiles… to show the list of Outlook mail profiles
  6. Click Add… to start the process of setting up a new profile
  7. Name the profile with a description of the mailbox you want to open. Click OK
  8. In the new window
    1.  Blank out the “E-mail Address” field
    2.  Enter the Resource Mailbox email address:  <email address of the resource mailbox>
    3.  Blank out the “Your Name” field
    4.  Leave the password fields blank and select the Next button
  9.  A window will popup asking for username and password
    1. For the username (first box) enter your own College email address
    2. In the password field, enter your FalconNet password
    3. Select the box "Remember my credentials" and click OK
  10. Wait for a few minutes until you have all green check marks and select Finish
  11. Back at the main Mail window, make sure that Prompt for a profile to be used is selected, and click OK to close.


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