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Falcon's Nest SurePOS Menu does not show up. Here's how to fix it.
Attached to this article are all of the PDF files that NuVision has supplied to us or made available to us on the software suite we use.
How to Add Dining Dollars (Done EVERY Semester)
How to Add Meals onto Block Plans (Done EVERY Semester)
How to Set Meal Plan Dates (Done EVERY Semester)
A breakdown of meal plans that Conference Services and Dining Services use in NuVision.
Canova Commons NuVision Card Swipe and Credit Card Reader Connections. The card swipe reader, credit card reader with printer are connected in a very specific way.  This should not be altered in any way without discussing it first.
The Trakker (IAS Mobile) reader software runs on a hardware device called the SOMO 655 by Socket Mobile.  The hardware uses an embedded Windows operating system.