Student Organization Email Guidelines

  •  Every active club is given an email account for sending and receiving club-related email. New email account requests are sent to IT from the Office of Student Activities.

  • Every active club is given access to the “All Students” mailing list for promoting key events on campus. If overuse of this feature is indicated, a club may be at risk of losing access.

  • Campus-wide notifications to faculty and staff must be sent through the Office of Student Activities.

  • All club emails/notifications must be sent through the club’s email account. Any club violating this policy will have their account temporarily disabled and the Office of Student Activities will be notified of the violation.

  • Club members are responsible for keeping their email account password secure, and to give out to club members as needed.

  • Email password requests must be submitted through the Office of Student Activities.

  • Organization members should use the Outlook Web App to access their club email account.


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