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One of the biggest shifts to Infomaker is a licensed environment that is controlled via cloud-based logins.  You will need an Infomaker account if you need to run the Infomaker application for any reason, and you will need a specific license if you need to make changes to existing reports.  Need an account?  Here's how you get one!
Directions for connecting to the Jenzabar Remote Apps server and the associated remote applications.
Infomaker 2019 introduces share profiles that may need to be configured based on your use of the product.  If you get the error "The shared profile does not exist" when you run the Infomaker Config Tool, you will need to configure the profiles in the Optional tab. Here's how.
Because using the Infomaker application now requires a license, individuals who only need to run reports must do so from within Jenzabar One.  This may mean using Jenzabar in a way you are unfamiliar with.  These instructions can help you add, and run an Infomaker report form within Jenzabar One.
In Infomaker 2019, the Config tool has been deprecated, and the Database Painter replaces it.  Before you can connect to a database (such as Jenzabar), you will need to run the Database Painter.  Here are basic instructions on how to do that with a sample database.