Connecting to FalconStream Wireless Network

Registering your SmartTV/Game Console/Any device without a browser:

  1. Before you begin the process of Device Registration, you must first find and retrieve the MAC Address of the wireless antenna of the device. 
    Directions for Finding the MAC Address of popular devices
  2. Once the MAC Address has been located and written down, disconnect your device from any wireless network if it is connected.
  3. Go to a computer, smart phone, or tablet and open the browser to:
    (This link does not work off-campus)
  4. Login with your Cedar Crest login and password. Once you login, you’ll see the following window.
  5. Enter the device name. Enter the MAC Address should be entered in this format:
    • ABC123DEF456 WITHOUT any separating characters such as : or –
    • Click on the CREATE DEVICE button.
  6. Now connect your device to the FalconStream wireless network.


Watch this Tech Talk Video that will walk you through the process: Connecting to FalconStream with your SmartTV, Console or Streaming Device.
Watch this Technology in One Minute Episode: How to Connect to FalconStream


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