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Information on navigating the College's intranet portal.

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Accessing the Alumnae Page for Class Agent Information

Help on navigating to the class agent information in My CedarCrest.

Creating and Updating Security Questions in My CedarCrest

Directions on how to find the challenge questions section of My CedarCrest.

Instructors: Using the Faculty Course Control Portlet for Class Management

Information for instructors to find Course Details, Class List / Course Roster, Email lists, and Grad entry.

New Student Preregistration Survey Error Message

common errors and resolutions about this survey

Requesting Approval for Your Chosen Name/Campus name Or New Legal Name

Information for submitting a name change request.

Update Chosen/Campus Name in My CedarCrest

Updating your name in My CedarCrest

Update Your Personal Contact Information in MyCedarCrest

Directions for updating home email and mailing address in My CedarCrest